Forty Files: Highway 40 Photo Documentary, Vol. 9

Here's the latest picture in my occasional photo documentary on the Highway 40 construction. Follow the jump at the bottom of this post to compare yesterday's pic with one from last week. Also, discover the real reason I take these photos!
The view Thursday, August 20, from the Boland Place overpass in Richmond Heights.

And here's a photo from that same spot taken just last week. As you can see, not a lot has changed, but there's definitely a lot of activity on the roadway this week.
Thumbnail image for 40filesaugust13.jpg

Okay, so now you want to know: Why do I post these lame-ass pictures? Well, eventually I hope to make one of those cool, time-elapsed slideshows of the project from beginning to end.

But I got to admit, the other reason is because these posts are easy. Each day I'm supposed to ensure that there are at least three posts on this blog by 9 a.m. (a goal I don't always achieve.) And there are some mornings (today being one of them) that I stumble from bed to computer at 7 a.m. and say to myself: "Good god, what the hell am I going to write about?" And that's when I remember the old "Forty Files" Highway 40 documentary.

So, as Paul Harvey would say: "Now you know the rest of the story."

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