Last Week's Most-Read Posts, August 24-30, 2009

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The scandal involving former Missouri State Senator Jeff Smith kept readers' attention all last week. Here's a rundown of the most-clicked-on headlines, August 24-30, here at the Daily RFT.

America F*** Yeah: Chesterfield Hummer Dealership Also Sells Assault Rifles 

The Postcards That Brought Down a Senator

What the Post-Dispatch Missed About Milton "Skip" Ohlsen

Former State Senator Jeff Smith Facing 20 Years in Prison, Maybe More

Ohlsen's Former Wife Testified that He Was Behind "Voters for Truth", Used Multiple Aliases

Jeff Smith and Wal-Mart: A Love-Hate Sorta Thing

Jeff Smith Resigns Missouri Senate, Pleads Guilty to Two Felonies

Milton "Skip" Ohlsen: Person of Interest in Clayton Bombing

RFT Reporters Make Milton "Skip" Ohlsen's Shit List, Court Records Show

Crack-Dealing Coaches, Lying Politicians, Suspected Bombers and a Hummer Dealer: What Do They All Have in Common?

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