Latest in the WTF is Up with Sen. Jeff Smith: Milton "Skip" Ohlsen Is Not the One Talking, Per His Attorney

jeff smith.jpg
Sen. Jeff Smith has politicos and pundits speculating.
The mystery of Missouri state Senator Jeff Smith's reportedly imminent resignation from office continues. But Paul D'Agrosa, criminal defense attorney for Milton "Skip" Ohlsen says the chatter about his client ratting out Smith for federal campaign ethics violations should cease.

"This bit about Ohlsen singing like a canary is just crazy," D'Agrosa tells Daily RFT. "If he was cooperating, the acting United States attorney would know it, and I would know it. I just heard about this Jeff Smith stuff just like everybody else, and the wild speculation that my client is cutting some deal that has to do with him is just crazy."

Smith has not returned a request for comment from RFT.

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