Please Help Make this Photo the "Official" Image of Missouri in 2010

Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan is asking Missourians for help with the first-ever online vote to select photos for the 2009-2010 Official Manual of the State of Missouri (commonly known as the "Blue Book").

The theme of this year's Blue Book is "Missouri in Motion" and -- according to the Secretary of State -- hundreds of people submitted photos this year.

Of the competition's two dozen or so finalists (viewable here), we here at Daily RFT were particularly struck by this photo.

What's there to say, really? The photo certainly fits the theme of "Missouri in Motion." More than that, it's just so hillbilly awesome that we can't imagine ourselves opening the official manual of Missouri without this image on the cover.

Even better is the name of the photo: "Jason Gettin It."

So, fellow Missourians, won't you help us "get 'er done" and vote for this photo right away?

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