Protest Against Public Schools, Socialism Impacts Hearts and Minds of Dozen(s)

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Behind the author's grin is a McCarthyist rage that cannot be contained. (Note the police presence in the background.)
Well that went well.

As promised, this morning I arrived at Adams Elementary School in the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood to protest the nefarious ties between public education and socialism.

Earlier this week I wrote about my plans and invited Daily RFT readers to join me in my demonstration. No one did (yet another testament to the vast influence of this blog), but at least one very important sector of society paid attention. I'm talking about the Powers That Be. 

Yes, when I arrived at the school this morning at 7:44 a.m., three uniformed St. Louis police officers were there to greet me.

"You're a minute early," barked one of the cops.

"You guys are here for me?" I responded.

"Yep," said the cop. "Now take your signs and get off school property."

Wow! Clearly the government is concerned about my message!

So, across the street I went, where I marched for a good 40 minutes with my placards.

Surprisingly, just one passerby shot me the bird. A pedestrian walking his friendly pit bull (it licked my legs) stopped to take my picture. Two drivers honked their horns (in what I can only take as a sign of support) and dozens more people just shot me a curious glare. Judging by the looks on their faces, I could tell these people were going to think about my message all day long.

Mission accomplished.

P.S. Anyone up for joining me in another protest against socialism? We could protest the Highway 40 reconstruction. There's plenty of socialism there, with the government taxing us to build a road. Or perhaps we could protest another socialist form of government waste: libraries. (I already have a "Less Books, More Guns" sign that would work well for that demonstration.) Oh, and Labor Day is coming up. That's the biggest socialist holiday of them all! Why should capitalism take a day off just because some lazy union workers demanded a holiday some 100 years ago!? Let me know...

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