STL Big-Wigs Rockin' a Metamorphoses Marathon

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They're doing a marathon reading of Ovid's Metamorphoses right now at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts (here's a map). It'll wrap up around 7 p.m.

down audience.jpg
Citizens follow along with their own texts.

The lineup is a who's who of our city's intelligentsia (nobody from the Daily RFT will be reading; conclude what you will). Check out the list here.

Each person reads aloud for 15 minutes, then hands off the text to the next reader - a text which, if you're not familiar with Ovid's great classic, is a steamy catalogue of passion, revenge and wisdom. (If you're coming and want to follow along, they're using the Mandelbaum translation).

tricia y paik.jpg
Tricia Y. Paik, assistant curator at the St. Louis Art Museum

Walter Bargen, Missouri's first Poet Laureate

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