Raw-Food Gurus Mock Each Other In Ways Incomprehensible to the Rest of Society

Had enough of the raw foodists yet? We haven't! LoL!


Yesterday we showed how raw food gurus quibble amongst themselves. But oh, sometimes it goes further: sometimes they ridicule each other via YouTube.

Consider, for example, the clip below of Durian Rider doing a bizarre-o impression of Matt Monarch

Context: The mocker (Durian Rider) is known for his wacky and intense devotion to a very-low-fat, near-fruitarian diet. He helped launch the Web site "30 bananas a Day," and got booted a few months ago from a different raw forum for being a bit extremist. The mockee is Matt Monarch, whom, we insist, resembles a gritty surfer-Jesus. What's being poked fun at in this clip is Monarch's admiration for yet another raw-food guru, Dr. Fred Bisci. Let's go to the tape:

But Durian Rider would not have the last laugh. Here's a send-up of his high-fruit-low-fat diet on the Raw Humour Web site:

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