Sneak Peek: New Art Dimensions Gallery and Concert Venue on Cherokee Street

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While there's no shortage of art galleries on Cherokee Street, there is a severe lack of bars and nightlife on that hip-but-developing stretch of town. Sure, a few Mexican restaurants serve beer and there's also the long-awaited (and longer delayed) spot from The Royale's Steve Smith, as wonky liquor laws/zoning have kept the area dry for far, far too long.

But don't despair drinkers: the wait is almost over. Sometime in October, local group ArtDimensions will open a massive new gallery/studio on the second floor of 2720 Cherokee Street and partner with the music promoters at Loyal Family to open a club/concert venue on the first level. Josh Grigaitis (Pop's Blue Moon, Broadway Oyster Bar) will be in charge of concert booking. Official names for both places are still up in the air.

Here are a few snapshots of the interior of the new gallery (which includes studio space for four ArtDimensions artists) and the bar/club:

This the area to the immediate left of where the stage will be. The bar will be left of here, across the room.
Each floor is roughly 7,000 square feet and the artists have been working hard since March to get the place cleaned up. Leading a tour of the expansive new space last night, painter Bryan Walsh -- president of ArtDimensions' Executive Board -- said the liquor license is in its final stages. After that, the last hurdle the group has to clear is an occupancy permit.

Piano Chill Spot.jpg
A little place to relax, to the immediate right of the stage
Art D Stage.jpg
Where the stage will eventually be located, in the center of the right side of the room
Walsh said a few improvements still need to be made before the grand opening next month including a bit more dry wall, sanding the floors, and fixing the lighting. Lookout for an ArtDimensions fundraiser later this month to help cover the cost of the improvements.

Pics of the impressive gallery space on the following page.

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