Tour de France Podium Ladies Aren't Exclusively French, But That Proves Our Point!

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Jen Caudill (left) and Erin Haney
We were wrong. We admit it.

Yesterday Daily RFT published a screed about how the hostesses (the women who stand on the podium and kiss the winning bicyclists) for the Tour of Missouri are not Missourians.

The "PodiumLadies" (as they're known) are Jen Caudill and Erin Haney from Atlanta, Georgia.

In yesterday's post we stated:
You think over in Europe the Tour de France imports its hostesses from the Republic of Georgia? Hell, no! They use homegrown talent. The question is: Why can't we?
As a couple readers have kindly pointed out, the Tour de France does not use just French women as podium ladies. In fact, one Tour de France podium gal is the lovely Laura Antoine from right here in St. Louis.

Thank you, dear readers, for pointing out our inaccuracy. Thank you, too, for proving our point. Yesterday's post ended with the questions: "Surely, we have some corn-fed beauties who can represent Missouri? Don't we?"

The answer: Why, yes, we do. One of them is Laura Antoine.

See a short video of Antoine serving as a Tour de France podium lady after the jump.

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