Why the Rams Suck

Brenda Warner: Exhibit DD in the case of "Why the Rams Suck"
If you haven't read it yet, Deadspin is having its readers write NFL previews on the weaknesses of the league's 32 teams.

Last week, a reader named "Adam S." critiqued the St. Louis Rams.

Along with recalling the dark days of Rich Brooks (who coached the Rams in their inaugural St. Louis season), Adam S. also picks apart Mike Martz for trading away Kurt Warner.

But the most convincing argument Adam S. makes against the Rams (and St. Louis) is on the matter of Brenda Warner. He writes:
In St. Louis, she had that mom-jeans-shorthair-middleaged-I-never-want-my-husband-to-fuck-me-again look that is so popular in the Midwest. Now she is in Arizona, she looks hotter than the cougars we tried to pick up while we was in Nashville this weekend. The Midwest just does that to you.

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