Contest: Count the Beer Steins, Win a Beer Stein and a T-Shirt

Photo: Steve Truesdell
There are two (2) beer steins in this photo. How many more can there be!?
The beer steins at Soulard Oktoberfest were everywhere. The liter-sized plastic mugs were so prevalent, you might find yourself trying to count them in our slide show from Saturday night.

So here's a fun contest for your Monday morning. The first person to comment with the correct number of steins wins a Riverfront Times Best Of 2009 shirt (sorry, only Medium or Large are available) and of course, a beer stein just like the ones you see pictured above, minus the beer. So remember to include your e-mail address and name, and we'll get your prize to you from there.

Here's a hint: Count all the steins you see, even if one is partially out of the frame. You might want to grab a piece of scratch paper and a pen. Good luck!

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