Horny Mothers, Bonehead Academics, "Butt" Peddlers and Questionable Politicos: Who is This Week's Ass Clown?

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Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of the week again. Vote for the local headline maker you think made the biggest ass of themselves this week.

And the nominees...

1. Mizzou Officials: Administrators at University of Missouri helped make headlines this week when they sold old cell phones belonging to football coach Gary Pinkel and basketball coach Mike Anderson without erasing the contacts and text messages in the devices. The university later became upset when the man who purchased the phones refused to give them back and sold them on eBay for $3,000 (or 15 times what he initially paid for them.)

2. Mike Huckabee: The former Arkansas governor and one of last year's Republican presidential candidate was in St. Louis last weekend for a conference titled "How to Take Back America." In a speech there, Huckabee stirred the conservative crowd by suggesting that the U.N. be "jackhammered" from New York. "It has become the international equivalent of ACORN and it's time to say enough!"

3. Christie Bradley: Oh, my my. Bradley is the 39-year-old mother from Waterloo, Illinois, who police busted this week when she showed up at the home of a 14-year-old boy with lingerie and condoms. In text messages this month, Bradley had told the boy of her fantasies such as ... "all I can think about is givn u ---- and ---- ur brains out!!"

4. Jimmy Winkelmann: Perhaps you love Jimmy. Perhaps you loathe him. But we have to nominate him just because the kid's stock in trade is "ass" or rather "butt." Winkelmann is the 18-year-old entrepreneur from St. Louis whose "South Butt" clothing line has rankled lawyers at outdoor apparel giant North Face.

5. Phyllis Young: The St. Louis Alderwoman (Ward 7) who continues to oppose next weekend's Octoberfest in Soulard despite what seems to be near universal neighborhood support for the party.

Continue on to cast your vote and come back Monday to meet the winner.

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