How to Launch an Anvil 200 Feet in the Air

Our feature story this week delves into the wacky world of anvil shooting.

According to esteemed anvil historian Richard Postman, anvil shooting is an American tradition that's been around for almost 300 years. It originated as a way for people to celebrate holidays with bang. A really, really big bang.

All the process requires is two large anvils (not cheap, not easy to find), a fuse, peanut butter, notebook paper, and a pound of gunpowder. Combine said elements, add fire, run like hell, and an anvil will soon be flying high above your head.

In this video*, Gay Wilkinson, a former world champion anvil shooter (yes, there's a competition) and the ex-mayor of Farmington, Missouri shows the RFT how it's done:

*No roadrunners were harmed in the making of this video.

Not that you should try this at home, but here's more info:
comic strip.jpg
photos by Jennifer Silverberg, captions/comic strip by Tom Carlson

Still haven't had enough anvil shooting? Here's an exceprt from the story:

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