Rock Hill's Legendary (Infamous) Ticket-Writing Traffic Cop Set to Retire Radar Gun

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Courtesy Rock Hill Police Department
Officer Ron Zeigler loves signing his autograph -- on your speeding ticket, that is.
Gentlemen, start your engines. Twenty-six years and 150,000 traffic tickets later, Rock Hill's rainmaker is hanging up his radar gun. You heard right folks, Officer Ronald Zeigler will soon write his final speeding citation. To be more precise, you have until his shift ends at 7 p.m. on October 20 to get his autograph, and he'll only be too happy to oblige.

With Zeigler riding into the sunset -- or at least to his home in Marthasville (the site of Daniel Boone's original grave) -- the city's coffers may never be as full again, and most assuredly, Manchester Road will never move as gingerly again.

"He's an institution," marvels city administrator George Liyeos.

"He's the man," exclaims Mayor Julie Morgan.

"He was the highest monthly performer we ever had," boasts Rock Hill Police Chief Paul Arnett, who runs the ten-man department.

Zeigler, a folksy, good-humored, dog-loving man from Coffeyville, Kansas, is the Cal Ripken of ticket writing. Never misses a day, has an unparalled work ethic, keeps himself and motorcycle in fine working order, and, as a result, has chalked up some damn impressive statistics.

On a good day, Zeigler will write up to 60 tickets and barely break a sweat. He's got a lifetime average of nailing some 420 motorists a month.

City officials say it's just not possible to put a number on how much money Zeigler has generated.

Confides Mayor Morgan: "It's above seven figures."

Zeigler's ticket-writing prowess has, fairly or not, given the St. Louis suburb of 5,000 residents a regional reputation as something of a speed trap.

The 67-year-old cop, who spent a dozen years as a patrolman in Brentwood before becoming a bane to Rock Hill motorists, admits that image will likely linger, but insists he'll only issue a ticket to anyone traveling in excess of ten miles over the speed limit. On Manchester, his primary haunt, that means going at least 40 miles an hour.

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Liar Liar - I wish your pants would actually catch fire! It is now 05/2013 and I just got a ticket from this Jerk!  I have many many friends that are cops and work around a lot of them.  This guy was a class A jerk!!! As a matter of fact I was told of this article by another cop who knew EXACTLY who had pulled me over when I began to tell of how much of a jerk this cop was that pulled me over! It is sad that many, many municipalities away another cop  knew where I was and who pulled me over by how I told him this guy acted to me!!!!! 

 I do not buy for one millisecond that this guy says he won't miss writing tickets! this guy clearly enjoyed the heck out of writing that ticket and when I discovered my insurance card in my wallet was the expired one...I thought he was going to need a moment alone!! 

40 mph hardly makes a speed demon of someone. It can easily happen going down a hill and not paying attention to the speedometer because you have ten thousand other things on your mind and on your plate and you are just keeping up with the flow of traffic. 

I cannot imagine that with writing upwards of 60 tickets in a day he has any time left to take any calls that would be coming in to the city for real police work. I can imagine no other officers would want to work a shift with him because they would know that he is not going to help out with any incoming calls- too busy - got revenue to collect! 

 This is clearly nothing more than legal harassment! He is not protecting the citizens, He is however serving- but it is the local government he is feeding and serving- not the public!  If you pay attention to the article the only people  that raved about him are those in the line of the money flow. Of course they love him, because of him they don't have to ask the citizens who are using the the revenue provided services to actually pay for them, they can stick some sorry sap for the tab who happens to not be paying enough attention while traveling through on their way to or from work. For those of you do-gooders who say'"People pay attention when they drive through Rock Hill now- it's much safer" Bull hockey! Now they are just staring at their speedometers more than the road or what ever else would normally be distracting them.  And don't pretend you are perfect Polly Annas either. If you are human you have had moments of being human.  

 The way this guy acts and speaks to people and the sheer high numbers of folks he has pulled over it is a wonder that he has not caused one of the mentally unstable folks that he has pulled over to snap on him! He should really retire. He still talks to people like policemen used to when it was unthinkable that someone would snap on an officer.  One of these times he is not going to be so lucky! And the older he gets the more of a target he becomes for one of these punk thugs, because they will look at him and think they can easily take him. 


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