Mayor Slay Bets A Burrito (and More) That the Cards Will Beat the Dodgers

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Slay Tweets.jpg

Followers of our fair leader's Twitter feed have no doubt noticed the back and forth banter between Mayor Slay and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. The two have a whole lot riding on the outcome of the National League Division Series.

And by a "whole lot" we mean not really that much at all. Unless you count a Pulitzer Prize-winning publication.

Keeping up the longstanding American tradition of mayors mock-gambling on their cities' sporting events, Slay has wagered some t-ravs, a Build-A-Bear critter, and a Twitter t-shirt on the Cardinals victory.

LA's mayor put up a plate of Dodger Stadium garlic fries, a case of Budweiser (because the Slay has a hard time finding that in his hometown, apparently) and a burrito the size of an infant. Behold:

Slay Burrito.jpg
Oh yeah, Villaraigosa also joked that he'd throw in the LA Times as an added bonus should Manny and Co. come up short. Rumor has it that Slay may double-down and throw in the Post-Dispatch. But then, would that be adding insult to injury?

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