Accused Murderer Chris Coleman, Quarterback Kurt Warner and a Grassy Knoll

If you look closely you can see Kurt Warner's head right above the wall on the grassy knoll.
As far as grand conspiracies go, this one might not rank up there with JFK's assassination and the alleged shooter on the "grassy knoll".

But it does share some of the similar themes. A suspicious murder, grass (or artificial turf, anyway) and grainy video footage.

Today the Belleville News-Democrat is airing a clip of a charity touch-football game from earlier this year that featured Arizona Cardinals QB Kurt Warner and Chris Coleman -- the Columbia, Illinois, father accused of murdering his wife, Sheri, and their two children this past May.

Sheri Coleman's family is now suing Coleman's former employer -- Joyce Meyer Ministries -- on claims that it knew Coleman was carrying on an extramarital affair. (Coleman allegedly killed his family so that he could marry his mistress Tara Lintz.)

According to Sheri Coleman's attorney, Coleman was representing Joyce Meyer Ministries back in March when he played with Warner in the touch-football game that benefited the football player's First Things First Foundation.

The video purportedly shows Tara Lintz in the audience, though her image is not on the clip that appears on the News-Democrat website.

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