Boller's In for Up to Six Weeks as Rams Quarterback, Carrie Prejean Connection Now Unavoidable

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With news that Rams quaterback Marc Bulger broke his tibia during Sunday's loss to the Arizona Cardinals, back-up quarterback Kyle Boller looks to start on Sunday in St. Louis against the Seattle Seahawks. (Here are Boller's 2009 stats.)

While Deadspin beat us to the punch on this topic, Boller may be best-known outside St. Louis for his relationship to same-sex marriage lightning rod/disgraced beauty queen/awkward Larry King Live guest Carrie Prejean.

Photo: Egan O'Keefe
St. Louis Rams quarterback Kyle Boller with girlfriend Carrie Prejean, who's become famous (or infamous) in her own right, back in September. See more photos.

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