Former Blues Player Convicted of Hiring Hitman Tells His Story to Canadian TV

Danton seems to have undergone a makeover since his days in St. Louis.

Danton during his stint with the Blues in the '03-'04 season.
Mike Danton sat down this week with Canadian broadcaster

Danton, now 29, tells about his life and mental state in 2004 when he was convicted of in federal court in East St. Louis of hiring a hitman to kill his sports agent David Frost.

But as Danton tells, he was really trying to kill his biological father. He also says he found the allegations of a homosexual relationship between him and Frost as "laughable."

Check out the entire interview by clicking on the following links:

Part I: The Target
Part II: The Frost Relationship
Part III: Behind Bars
Part IV: Suicide

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