Recession, Schmession. Who Wants to Build a Billion-Dollar Waterfront?

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If they're gonna build a canal, why not a mountain, too? Just like in the real San Carlos, Mexico!
St. Chuck, apparently.

Mike Sellenschuetter, president of Dean Homes, has a $1.5 billion plan to erect the Harbor San Carlos not far from the Family Arena.

The developer hatched the partly-public-subsidized idea more than four years ago, but it'd been nearly swamped because of the economic mess. Until this week, that is.

The St. Louis Business Journal's Kelsey Volkmann reports that on Tuesday night, Sellenschuetter was officially designated developer of the 300-acre site by the St. Charles County Council.

According to Volkmann's story, "The plan calls for a hotel, shops, condos, marina, restaurants and pedestrian walkway on the city's largest undeveloped swath of land. The plan also requires dredging sand in a canal to allow for boating between the shore and Bangert Island, a St. Charles County park."

Contractors who've done work for Sellenschuetter are pissed.
A number of mechanics liens and civil lawsuits have been filed in St. Charles County Circuit Court against Sellenschuetter's Dean Homes.

KMOV takes a look at the opposition and wonders whether Sellenschuetter should be making campaign contributions to St. Chuck officials if his company allegedly owes contractors for unpaid work...

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