Editor Pussyfoots Around Explanation for Outing "Pussy" Commenter

Kurt Greenbaum editor Kurt Greenbaum yesterday posted a lengthy reflection on why he outed a commenter on the Post-Dispatch website that cost the commenter his job.

The person had twice published the word "pussy" in the comment thread for a story that asked readers to name the strangest thing they'd ever eaten.

After the second posting, Greenbaum saw that the IP address of the commenter was registered to a computer at a local school. Greenbaum then called the school, and the headmaster confronted the guilty employee. The man then resigned on the spot.

In his explanation yesterday, a somewhat contrite Greenbaum admitted that he may have overreacted but did not rule out that he would do the same thing again.

"Have I set some sort of precedent for STLtoday?" writes Greenbaum. "We don't routinely, and would not routinely take the steps I took in this case. For particularly bad cases of abusing our guidelines with vulgarity and obscenity, we would not rule it out."

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