Kiss, Kiss! Unreal Invites Jerry Berger to Work for Riverfront Times!

Jerry Berger
Back when we was a pup, men were men and what happened in the newsroom stayed in the newsroom. That's why Unreal coughed up our morning tequila shot when we read Chad Garrison's scoop about 76-year-old Gossip Column Emeritus Jerry Berger getting banned from the Post-Dispatch premises for allegedly feeling up the male help.

"After a recent newsroom visit, we received several complaints from staff members about inappropriate behavior directed at them from Jerry," says P-D editor Arnie Robbins. "I love Jerry. We're friends. But we cannot tolerate that type of behavior in the newsroom."

Well, here at Riverfront Times, we take pride in our old-school cred. That's right: We not only tolerate "that type of behavior in the newsroom," we openly encourage it.

That's why we hereby invite Jerry Berger to come aboard the U.S.S. RFT as Unreal's first-ever Gossip Intern. The position's unpaid owing to budget constraints, but the perks more than make up for the lack of remuneration. (Funny, that's what our boss said to us when we asked for a raise. Anyhoo.)

We're already planning how to introduce our newest addition to the newsroom: Jerry's First Day on the Job: A Riverfront Times Slideshow.

That's sure to rock out the pageviews!

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