Viagra Maker Hard On St. Louis; Pfizer Announces It Will Slash 600 Local Jobs

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A pharmaceutical giant's love affair with St. Louis is over, and it seems no amount of drugs and/or chemical enhancements will ever rekindle the flame.

Just when you think Pfizer will grow, it shrinks. It happens to lots of companies.
Yesterday, Pfizer (maker of Viagra, Celebrex, Lipitor and countless other drugs whose advertisements pay for the network evening news) announced that it will cut 600 of it 1,000 employees in St. Louis. 

The job cuts are coming as Pfizer looks for cost-savings after its $68-billion acquisition of drug maker Wyeth earlier this year.

In slashing its St. Louis workforce, Pfizer also announced it would sell its Chesterfield campus to biotech firm Monsanto for $435 million.

Nationwide, Pfizer plans to close six of its 20 research facilities (like the one in St. Louis) and decrease its number of scientists and lab technicians by 15 percent. 

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