Who Knew Missouri Even Had Rest Stops?

Wikimedia Commons
You won't find a crapper as rustic as this one at the I-44 Conway Welcome Center. It has modern wastewater treatment!
This just in from the latest issue of AAA's Midwest Traveler magazine: a $10.8 million Missouri rest stop has collected props from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials in the coming-in-ahead-of-time-and-under-budget category.

Your humble Daily RFT correspondent celebrated for a minute here before it hit us: Missouri has a rest stop?

The Route 66-themed outpost apparently opened back in May in a faraway-sounding place called Conway. Among the eco-friendly perks are motion-sensored toilets, pet walking areas and "a modern wastewater treatment system."

Alrighty then!

That'll sure differentiate the Conway Welcome Center from our run-of-the-mill do-me-doggie truck stops.

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