Parents Catch Boy Scout Son and His 39-year-old Troop Leader Engaged in Behavior For Which No Merit Badge Yet Exists

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St. Clair County Sheriff
Wendy Rogers of O'Fallon, IL
In a colossal failure to "Be Prepared," an area boy scout and his 39-year-old female troop leader reportedly decided to have sex Sunday afternoon at his parents' house - until those parents came home. 

According to the St. Clair County Sheriff, the parents, who'd been shopping, returned to their home between O'Fallon and Lebanon, Illinois around 3 p.m. only to discover their son, a minor, in flagrante delicto with Wendy Rogers, leader of Troop 35.

Recognizing the O'Fallon woman immediately, the parents blocked the door so Rogers couldn't escape, then called 911 dispatchers, to whom they reported a "rape in progress."

The act was not technically "consensual," says Captain Steve Johnson of the sheriff's office, because the boy was a minor. He adds, however, that "it wasn't a situation where physical force was being used against the young man."

Rogers' car was impounded and she was taken into custody. She's currently being for held on $100,000 bond for criminal sexual assualt, a felony, in St. Clair County Jail, Johnson says. The young man was taken by his parents to an area hospital for a medical evaluation.

No other victims have come forward or been identified, the sheriff's department says. 

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I believe she should  spend as many year behind bars as a male would. It's rape plain and simple. if it was a girl that was minor and a male as a predator it be with no questions asked considered rape. She was in a position of authority, and she abused it. She should spend at least 10 years in jail.

Dont worry
Dont worry

I know this kid in real life lol....he goes to my school...he is really weard and doesnt really hang around with poele


This is hardly rape, except in the legal sense. Think back to when you were 15; would you have turned down sex? I know I wouldn't. Teen boys are huge bundles of hormones with generally very limited access to the opposite sex.

Now, although it's not rape, it's still plenty messed up that she wanted sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Who is the idiot who (ingrammatically) posted that all men are disgusting because they have dicks, by the way? Nice issues there.


Yeah. Rape is funny.


The title of this article is absolutely hilarious. Someone has to make a pinewood derby joke about this...


Since she's U.G.L.Y. she will get the book thrown at her. Like men, whom are all disgusting by virtue of their penis, that sexually abuse.

Hot Teachers, of which there have been a rash of them lately (where the fuck were they when I was a boy?), get a slap on the wrist.

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