Christmas Canceled! Merry Global Warming! With Love From Your Friends @ Build-A-Bear Workshop....Actually, Nevermind.

Categories: Bidness, Politics
After producing three webisodes about the imminent disappearance of Christmas and the North Pole because of global warming, St. Louis-based Build-A-Bear Workshop found itself feeling the heat from conservatives and liberals alike.

KMOX and KMOV captured the controversy. 

Build-A-Bear reportedly removed the videos from its website yesterday. CEO Maxine Clark proceeded to issue an apology, saying her firm didn't mean to politicize the holiday. "The webisodes concluded this week with Santa successfully leaving on his journey to deliver gifts around the world," wrote Clark.

You can view the other "Build-A-Bearville" webisodes after the jump. 
Here's number-two, "No More North Pole":

And finally, "Man Made Global Warming":


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