Confirmed: The Numbers in the Nelly Break-In Don't Add Up

Nelly Bank Roll Small.jpg
Damn, it's gettin' hot in here! Nelly will shell out 10 G's to get back $900 worth of electronics.
According to a St. Louis County Police Department incident report (see it for yourself after the jump), the following items were stolen from Nelly's west-county spread:

1) A Sony PS3, valued at $300

2) A Nintendo Wii, valued at $300

3) A Sony Xbox, valued at $300

That's $900 worth of stolen goods.

Count the estimated $500 in damage to the window that the burglar busted during the early morning break-in on December 11, and you've got $1,400 worth of stuff to replace.

Nelly, however, is ready to pony up $10,000 to snitches with good info on the suspect(s). What gives?
Here's the incident report:
Nelly Incident Report

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