Ladue Rape Faker, Virginia Burns, Voted "Ass Clown of the Week"

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Virginia Burns
We have Ass Clown, and her name is Virginia Burns -- the "disabled" woman who Ladue police say falsely reported she was raped and lied about being paraplegic.

Fourty-four percent of Daily RFT readers picked Burns from a strong field of Ass Clown nominees last week.

Coming in second with 27 percent of the vote was former Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton, who police say got overly rough with a woman during a game of BDSM lovemaking.

Others receiving votes:
  • Wendy Rogers, a former Boy Scout volunteer from O'Fallon, Illinois, earned 15 percent of votes for allegedly helping one of her scouts earn his knot-tying merit badge -- in bed!
  • Jack Eigles, earned 8 percent of the votes, for allegedly using a hidden camera to film women using the restroom in his Chesterfield business.
  • And finally, an unknown man from Fenton who was robbed by his female prison pen pal earned just 6 percent of votes. People just felt sorry for the poor s.o.b.

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