Probably Safe to Say the Owner of Cannibal Kennel and Fellow Dogfighters Will Meet Some Real Animals in Prison
Four of the five Eastern Missouri men involved in a massive dog-fighting ring got prison sentences today.

Teddy Kiriakidis, of Leasburg, and Ronald Creach, of Leslie, owner of the Hard Goodbye Kennel, will each do eighteen months in the pen.

Robert Hackman, of Foley, owner of the Shake Rattle & Roll Kennel, and Michael Morgan, of Hannibal, owner of the Cannibal Kennel, each got a year and a day (a sentence that might allow them to be released sooner for good behavior, because of BOP policies).

Jack Ruppel, of Eldon, owner of the Ozark Hillbillys Kennel, has yet to be sentenced.

The fellas fared better than the country's most famous convicted dog-fighter, Michael Vick. He got 23 months in the clinker (and got out this past summer).

The Humane Society of Missouri helped rescue more than 500 dogs in the multi-state raid on midwestern dog-fighters which went down earlier this year. See incredibly awesome photos of some of the pit bulls -- and their pups -- here.

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