Photos: 20 Handmade Oddities from Cherokee Street, 12/5/09

Categories: Arts
Crisp, cold sunlight wasn't the only thing lighting up south St. Louis on Saturday -- plenty of local artists were also on hand brightening the day with their contributions to the Cherokee Print League's annual holiday sale. Here are a few highlights from the sale.

View "20 Handmade Oddities from Cherokee Street" slideshow here.

Photo: Jason Stoff

Photo: Jason Stoff
Nick Francel's prints exhibited a somewhat grotesque sense of humor, delivered through detailed, high-contrast illustrations. And bowls of guts. View a 20-photo slideshow here.
Photo: Jason Stoff
"St. Louis Style" indeed. Dan Zettwoch's local interests and stylized illustrations immortalize St. Louis' homegrown delights: brain sandwich, St. Paul sandwich, St. Louis style pizza, toasted ravioli, gooey butter cake, Vess soda and frozen custard. View a 20-photo slideshow here.
Photo: Jason Stoff
"Your Mom". Laura Mart has a fascination with the Virgin of Guadalupe, and prefers an irreverent style for making an impact. View a 20-photo slideshow here.

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