Gossip-Mongers Multiply. STL, Can You Deliver?

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The old guard of gossip columnists resurfaces. Kinda makes you wonder if the telegraph will come back again, too.
​​First, Gossip-Monger Par Excellence Jerry Berger came out of retirement to pee on the party shoes of his successor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch scribe Deb Peterson

And promptly got himself booted from the P-D newsroom. 

Now another pair of old-timers announces they're returning to rumor-peddling. 

Lynn Venhaus and C.B. Adams, the self-described "wonky hipsters" who will pen the "Dishing It Out" column at the back-from-the-dead Globe Democrat, greeted all you "pop tarts" today:

Well, we're back, pop tarts! Faithful St. Louis Globe-Democrat newspaper readers might remember us from our weekly, snarky take on all things pop culture in the Big '80s. That was before tweets, wikis, websites, blogs, texting, flash mobs, Netflix, satellite radio, MP3s, the Sham-Wow guy, multiple piercings, reality TV, and people saying "chillaxing." 

Welcome to the retooled Dishing It Out column on the new We want to be your new source for spot-on observations about the wide, wide world of entertainment. From the start, the column was designed to be an equal-opportunity forum for pop culture commentary, whether it was happening in Dog Town, Chi Town or Tinsel Town. And, we should probably now include Bolly Town. 

We believe this new Globe also owes the occasional nod to the old Globe, St. Louis' own venerable Gray Lady. It is amazing that hardly a week goes by that we don't hear someone say, "I still miss the Globe." So expect the occasional "Did U Know?" feature giving you some behind-the-scenes stories about real life in that newsroom down on 12th Street. 

We still love the smell of typewriters and teletypes in the morning!

Should be...delicious. 

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