What Was Better Than Watching Obama's Afghanistan Speech Last Night?

Obama West POint.jpg
Image Via HuffPo
Sure the president's historic speech last night at West Point was the very definition of eloquence and offered a reasonable rationalization for sending 30,000 troops to war just a few days removed from accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, but the real lesson on war and diplomacy was at the Way Out Club.

The south city bar/club hosted Super 8 Movie Madness 3 -- in which fifteen minute condensed versions of old feature films like Coffy, The Dirty Dozen, and Planet of the Apes are re-shot on grainy, terrible quality Super 8 film and projected on a reel-to-reel for everyone's endless amusement.

It isn't that anyone who stayed home to watch Obama's speech wasted 40 minutes -- no, not at all. Rather, you could have saved yourself the time and watched the Super 8 of the Marx Brothers' classic Duck Soup.

Never seen it? The farce pretty much sums up everything the Commander in Chief said in so many words: "We're (still) going to war!"

Watch and learn the art of diplomacy from Groucho Marx, president of Freedonia:

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