Daily RFT Asks: Wha Cha Doin' This Weekend?

Categories: Street Talk 2.0
After the deep-freeze St. Louis has gone through over the last couple of weeks, we ask some people in the Loop what they're up to over the weekend. Ironically, on the first warm weekend in a while, it seems the Loop Ice Carnival is the favorite weekend destination.

Chris, South Africa
"I'm going to the Ice Carnival and a friend's birthday party in the Central West End."

Kelsey Richardson, South County
"I'm gonna work, hang out with friends, and smoke some Hookah."

Dan Sabella, St. Louis
"I'm not really interested in anything right now, but I might check out the Ice Carnival."

Patrick and Ann, Tower Grove
"We're going to the Tap Room tonight to see a buddy's band play."

John, St. Louis and Monica, New York
"I'm gonna hang out with my girlfriend and she's gonna hang out with her boyfriend."

Alok and Abeera, India
"We're going to the Ice Carnival."

Kelly, St. Louis
"I'm probably just gonna smoke some Hookah at Ranoush."

Katherine Keller, South City
"I'm working in the Loop all weekend on the Ice Carnival."

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