Feeding Frenzy: Gay Super Bowl Ads Rise to the Top of the Media Fishbowl Again

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Dudes kissing is guaranteed to generate a few pre-Super Bowl blog posts.
Folks at the gay dating site should be happy today: the buzz about their proposed Super Bowl commercial being rejected by CBS is certainly bringing in the views to the commercial (see it for yourself below).

A representative for ManCrunch said CBS advertising execs told the him that all the ad slots were filled and there was no room for the site's ad. That's a claim ManCrunch questions, insinuating that CBS won't run the ad because it caters to the gays.

Another ad, although not explicity gay, by -- a domain name hosting service -- has been flat-out rejected for its content. In the ad, an effeminate retired football player becomes a lingerie designer (video below.)

Gayness and the Super Bowl bumped heads before: Remember the Snickers Super Bowl ad from 2007 (also below)? Even fan-made commercials take potshots at "homos" ( know the drill).

When companies that push the envelope with "rejected" or "banned" or, in the case of ManCrunch, "we-just-think-they-didn't-like-our-gay-site's-advertisement" ads, it usually means dozens more news stories and blog posts than it would have had if the ad had been aired. Those blog posts and stories cost nothing. And gay-centric ads, during one of the most hetero of Unofficial American Holidays, are virtually guaranteed to cause a stir.

Below: Some other gay-centric Super Bowl-related videos that found success -- and longevity -- online.

"The day he retired from football, Lola started chasing his biggest dream -- a business of his own. Lola's first step: He built his Web site with"

The latest: ad.

The Snickers ad from 2007 that showed two mechanics accidentally (or was it?!?!) kissing.

A video by Pittsburgh Steelers fans that calls Patriots fans "homos." Tom Brady -- and his girlfriend -- heartily disagree.

Embedding disabled by request! View the video here.

Andy Milonakis teaches us that if you're going to call the Super Bowl itself gay, just be funny about it.

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