First Politico of 2010 To Be Sentenced for Federal Felony: Talibdin "T.D." El-Amin

"I don't talk money." I just take it.
Former State Representative Talibdin "T.D." El-Amin is scheduled to be sentenced in U.S. District Court at 10:45 a.m. tomorrow morning.

El-Amin represented a swath of north St. Louis in the state legislature until he pleaded guilty in September to a bribery charge.

According to the federal sentencing guidelines (which are advisory -- not mandatory), El-Amin is staring down a possible term of 18 to 24 months in jail.

El-Amin's father-in-law, Eddie Hasan, the former director of MOKAN, did time -- a year and a day -- in 2008-'09 for federal tax fraud.

El-Amin got caught on tape bribing a St. Louis gas station owner who complained of being harassed by a city lawmaker. Check out all the nitty-gritty in the charging document:


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