NPR Pays Tribute to Local Flack Who Coined the Term 'Blogosphere'

He coined the term 'blogosphere.'
Blogasm...blogarrific...blogviate. Good God, who'd have thought we'd now have some 300 terms of argot employing one of the worst-sounding words ever.

It all started with St. Louisan Brad Graham.

Graham, the erstwhile publicist for the Reportory Theatre of St. Louis, a prolific writer who began blogging all the way back in 2000, and a self-described "man with a multi-megabyte ego," coined the term "blogosphere" a whole decade ago, according to Wikipedia.

NPR waxed poetic on the subject yesterday:

Graham was joking when he first said it -- at the very birth of the form -- in September 1999. He, too, didn't much like the word "blog" -- "Oy! That name!" he exclaimed on his site, Bradlands. And so he worried about where this would lead us: perhaps to jokes about "falling off a blog," or worse, "blogorreah."

"Goodbye, cyberspace," Graham wrote. "Hello blogiverse! Blogosphere? Blogmos?"

Well, blogosphere stuck.

The news peg here? Graham died suddenly, at age 41, earlier this week. R.I.P.

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