Rod Jetton To Appear In Court This Morning for Arraignment on Assault Charges

Good morning. "You should have said green balloons."

Those are the words that former Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton supposedly whispered to a bruised and battered Sikeston woman one morning last November.

The woman alleges that Jetton poured her some wine prior to a session of  BDSM sex. Next thing she knew, she was fading in and out of consciousness and had forgotten the "safe word" that was supposed stop the rough play. However, she does recall Jetton hitting her in the face "very hard" and choking her.

This morning at 8:59 a.m. Jetton is scheduled to appear in Scott County Circuit Court in Benton, Missouri, for arraignment. He's charged with committing second-degree felony assault during the November 15 incident.

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