What a Bunch of Snow-Wimp Crybabies! KSDK Channel 5's Ryan Dean Calls You Out

Categories: Media
Quoth KSDK Channel 5's Ryan Dean this morning: "I don't wanna make people here feel bad of course but...."

Whoa stop, Ryan. You're probably about to make people feel bad. On television.

His point: three to five inches is nothing. [inches of snow]

But Daily RFT understands his point. As a schoolboy growing up in upstate New York, Dean had to trudge to class on the morning after 15 inches of nighttime snowfall because HIS municipality was equipped to handle it by sun-up. Whereas our municipality? Bwahaa!

Interestingly, a few commenters on this story have gone after KSDK for both hyping the snow and then sending Dean out to say, "this ain't worth all the hype, relatively speaking."

Meanwhile, we at Daily RFT continue to hunt for our windshield scrapers...

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