Somewhere Joe Buck is Smiling

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See the joy on Artie Lange's face as he ruins Joe Buck's talk show career
And that smile probably arrived shortly after reading this headline in yesterday's USA Today: "Howard Stern Sidekick Artie Lange Hospitalized."

Details of Lange's condition are pretty scarce at this point -- the only available information is that he's been absent from Stern's show since early December and was "rushed" to the hospital yesterday -- but he has, as USA Today points out, "a history of substance abuse" so that's the rumor mill's best guess.

That said, with the way Lange pooped all over Buck and his new HBO show last year with a hilariously profane rant (which caused producers to mercifully pull the plug on the first episode ten minutes early) one has to wonder if the native son is somehow behind Lange's sudden misfortune. Or at least rejoicing over it.

And now, in honor of Buck and Lange, after the jump here's the video of the awesomely awkward moments they shared on screen:

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