"Journalist, Gadfly and Muckabout" Thomas Crone Launches New Blog: CreativeSaintLouis

Categories: Media
Thomas Crone, a former RFT staff writer and self-described "university professor, club/radio deejay and occasional bouncer-for-money," has unveiled a new blog designed to spotlight our city's creative forces.

It will hew to a particular weekly schedule: on Mondays, CreativeSaintLouis will spotlight a person who makes St. Louis kick ass; on Tuesdays it'll be a place; Wednesdays will have a "thing"; and Thursdays "history and tradition." Then Friday is "show and tell" (unclear what that means, because the site's only been up a couple days).

So far, the Cronester has penned a thoughtful eulogy to the late Brad Graham, former PR manager at the Rep, and today's featured "thing" is Schlafly APA. Stay tuned...  

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