Alissa Blanton, Ex-Hooters Waitress and De Soto Resident, Killed By Stalker in Florida

Alissa Blanton on her wedding day last August. She married high-school sweetheart, Brent Blanton, of Hillsboro.
A 23-year-old graduate of De Soto High School was gunned down yesterday by a stalker as she and her husband, Brent Blanton, returned to the Orlando call center where they both worked.

Alissa Blanton (nee Alissa Goedecke) had worked at a Hooters in Merritt Island, Florida, until September 2008. That's where she met Roger Troy, 61, a regular at the restaurant who took a particular liking to Blanton.

After propositioning her for her phone number multiple times, Blanton at last relented -- sort of -- giving Troy her email address. Dozens of crazed emails followed. 

In a protection order, Blanton wrote that her boss at Hooters scolded Troy for repeatedly hugging Blanton and following her to her car after her shift ended.

"He has said several times that he spent so much money there and on me, and he doesn't deserve to be treated this way (not talking to him)," Alissa wrote in her complaint.

"After this incident he stopped sitting in my section, and the e-mails started about how terrible I am and all about an ex-boyfriend I was dating. I moved to Orlando to be closer to new job and he began showing up there and e-mailing about seeing me. I reported it. Then got married and moved back to Brevard County and letters are coming and stalking here also."
Blanton and her husband were returning to work from lunch yesterday when Troy confronted them in the parking lot of the AT&T call center. After shooting Blanton to death, Troy turned the gun on himself. Both died on the scene.

You can listen to the 911 call and hear Brent Blanton trying to revive his wife here

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