East Side Crook Catches Victims With Their Pants Down At Two Strip Clubs

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It's one of the oldest tricks in the book for a good thief: create a distraction and strike when your victim is least expecting it.

Perhaps with this in mind, an enterprising robber capitalized on a moment when his prey was very preoccupied Sunday evening

The targets were customers of C-Mowe's and PT's Showclubs, two "gentleman's clubs" in Southern Illinois...

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KMOX's Brian Kelly has a few details:
He allegedly took a blue Ford F-150 at gunpoint outside the C-Mowe's Club in Washington Park just berfore eight o'clock Sunday evening. About a half-hour later, he robbed the PT's Showclub in Centreville.

An East St. Louis officer chased him into a field at 32nd and Autobahn where the suspect abandoned the truck and fled on foot.
It appears that the perpetrator is still at-large, so if you're headed across the river to the strip clubs tonight be sure to keep your tits wits about you.

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