Here's to You, St. Louis. You've Sorta Kinda Figgered Out the Interwebz!

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Data appears to indicate St. Louis needs more than high-speed. We need help.
Quick! Name the top-ten search terms St. Louisans punched into Google within the last week:

"Mardi Gras"? Nope.

"Cards spring training"? Nada.

"Cocktails to make cold go away"? Strike.

Not even "Budweiser" made the cut.

A wizard from Google flew into town yesterday to show some of us hacks a bunch of the search engine's wicked new functions, including what it calls "insights" into searching trends. 

With the swipe of three or four keystrokes, you see, you can find out just how  web-savvy our fair region shows itself to be. 

We thought about keeping this sensitive information to ourselves, but it seemed the public interest must prevail. After all, Google is scouting for a city in which to test out its new ultra-high-speed broadband access service. 

Perhaps if Google sees our true genius, we'll have a shot. 

Here's to, uh, "you"!    

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