House of Horrors: Bank Forecloses on Chris Coleman's Home

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Nevermind the blood stains, it's a bargain!
Attention home buyers: Great bargain available.  Don't hesitate; this offer won't last long:

Asking Estimated price: $170, 000

Address: 2854 Robert Drive, Columbia, Illinois 62236

Amenities: Three bedrooms, garage, 11,760 square-foot lot

Features: Outstanding public school district, located in friendly Columbia Lakes Estates subdivision, built in 2004.

Drawbacks: Site of a horrific triple murder in May 2009 involving Christopher Coleman, a now-infamous security guard for Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Not the ideal real estate listing, eh? After sitting on the market for several months, the Associated Press reports (via the Belleville News-Democrat) that Wells Fargo Bank has asked a judge for "a judgment of foreclosure and sale, and appointment of foreclosure sale officer."

Christopher Coleman, the philandering father charged with strangling his 31-year-old wife and 11- and 9-year-old sons, reportedly owes more than $229,000 on the home.

(It's unclear if that figure includes the cost of removing red sprint messages like, "I told you this would happen" that he allegedly scrawled on the walls in hopes of making police believe a disgruntled Joyce Meyer follower committed the crime.)

Coleman removed his wife's name from the deed several months before the murders.

Looking at the home's listing on, one sees a few flaws potential buyers might encounter.
  • The property value has declined almost $100,000 since Coleman purchased the home in 2005, and $2,000 in the last 30 days.
  • It's classified as a "car-dependent" home, meaning if you wanted to buy spray paint, latex gloves and cords, you'd have to drive all the way up I-270 to the hardware store.
  • It might be haunted.
OK, we made that last part up, but the only picture they have on the listing features detectives and crime-scene tape:
Coleman Residence.jpg
UPDATE 12:05 p.m.: Allison from just called to issue the following clarification: "There is no asking price because this home is not actually on the market. The $170,000 is just an estimated value using a proprietary algorithm we have here at"

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