Latest on Steven Jackson: Las Vegas Police Find "Insufficient Evidence"

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Neither police complaints nor linebackers stop Steven Jackson.
St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson won't be charged for assault over allegations that he beat his then-pregnant girlfriend in Las Vegas last March.

The ex-girlfriend, Supriya Harris, filed a complaint with the Las Vegas police last month claiming that Jackson took her to the hospital afterward and asked that she tell medical officials she slipped in the shower. The couple had a healthy baby boy a few days later.

A Facebook photo of a "Supriya Harris" that seems to match the description of Jackson's ex-girlfriend.
Yesterday a spokeswoman for the Las Vegas police told the Associated Press that Harris' allegation from eleven months ago could not be substantiated.

"Our investigation is complete," said the spokeswoman. "I don't think the time passage was a factor here. We contacted the victim, the accused and witnesses. There's insufficient evidence to go forward with the case."


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