Lee Enterprises Wants to Cut Post-Dispatch Wages by 25 Percent

Torn to Shreds: The guild says negotiations with Lee have grown "acrimonious."
The St. Louis Newspaper Guild reports that Post-Dispatch owner Lee Enterprises wants to cut wages 15 percent in the first year of a new contract and another 5 percent in both the second and third years of the agreement.

The company also wants to eliminate retiree health care -- this after Lee Enterprises announced in December that it would halt such benefits for many former workers.

Per the Guild's website:

We are now meeting twice a week with the company and a federal mediator is sitting in on negotiations. Things have gotten more serious.

Despite numerous tentative agreements, roughly a dozen on various individual items in the contract, we are concerned that the company may soon move to declare impasse. This belief is based on a number of thinly-veiled threats the company has issued across the bargaining table.

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