Over the Weekend: Taste of Soulard, Naughti Gras, Fresh Fest, So Many Dynamos and More

You know what's just awesome? Greeting a new work week with snow. Please excuse the grouchy attitude, but by this time each winter (early February), aren't most of us just ready to end it all (winter, not commit suicide, although it's probably warmer in Hell)?

Anyway, weather-caused grumpiness aside, here's a toasty recap of our weekend coverage.

So Many Dyanmos at the Old Rock House
Photo: Corey Woodruff
On Friday night So Many Dynamos rocked the Old Rock House. See more photos here.
The nasty weather on Friday night didn't stop indie rock fans from heading down to the Old Rock House just south of downtown to see So Many Dynamos, Sleepy Kitty and Capybara (who drove in from Kansas City). Photographer Corey Woodruff brings back these photos from the show.

Naughti Gras 3 at Koken Art Factory

Photo: Crystal Rolfe
Naughti Gras 3 went up and down on Friday and Saturday night at the Koken Art Factory. See more photos here.
On Friday and Saturday nights, Naughti Gras 3, an erotic-themed party featuring art, dance, and new this year, a "Naughti Market," again drew out all kinds of people interested in that sort of thing. Click through our slideshow and see if you can find our boss, dentist or otherwise normal person who let it all hang out at Koken over the weekend.

Taste of Soulard
Photo: Jason Stoff
Joanie's Pizzaria prepared a special combo for the Taste of Soulard event -- a Blackened Chicken Creole Pizza. Owner-and-cook Joanie Thomas says it's made with a homemade Creole sauce, fresh blackened chicken and the pizzeria's famous cheese. Thomas says there's no similar pizza in the city.
The establishments in Soulard may be best-known for their libations, and not their food, organizers of Taste of Soulard are aiming to change that with a weekend-long, pre-Mardi Gras food fair. Several restaurant cooks showcased their own Cajun or Creole-inspired dishes. On Sunday afternoon, Jason Stoff hit up the neighborhood and brings back these mouth-watering photos.

Fresh Fest at Chaifetz Arena
Biz Markie was in town over the weekend. Read about it here.
Salt-N-Pepa, Biz Markie, Whodini, Big Daddy Kane and more played "Fresh Fest" at the Chaifetz Arena on Saturday night, and it was like an '80s-themed party, reports Calvin Cox in his review of the show.

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