Photos: The Knitted, Fuzzy Superhero Costumes of Mark Newport

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Mark Newport: Self-Made Man opened to the public on Friday night at Laumeier Sculpture Park in St. Louis County. Newport knitted superhero costumes for this exhibition, and even donned one -- appearing "in character" -- during the opening reception on Friday.

RFT calendar editor Paul Friswold writes in his preview of the exhibition's opening: And while there is no denying that finding Captain America's iconic duds in a gallery is just plain cool, there's also something alarming about the way the costumes hang limply, empty of the human form that gives them life -- even if it is a fictional life. (Read the full preview here.)

23knitted heroes.jpg
Photo: Emily Good
Before leaving the gallery space Friday, these people gathered around to watch this Newport knit some more.
Photgrapher Emily Good brings back these photos from the opening reception. In them, you can spot Newport in a light-blue knit jumpsuit.

01knitted heroes.jpg
Photo: Emily Good
"Sweaterman" watches over the opening of Mark Newport: Self-Made Man that opened at the Laumeier Sculpture Park.
02knitted heroes.jpg
Photos: Emily Good
The Y-Man outfit hangs on a wall, waiting for people to come and admire the hand-knitted details. 
03knitted heroes.jpg
Photo: Emily Good
Comic books are also a part of the exhibition; some have knitted covers.
04knitted heroes.jpg
Photo: Emily Good
Sweaterman continues to watch over the people at the indoor gallery, where he gauges the reaction to him, and the work of his alter-ego, Mark Newport.

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