Saint Louis Zoo Will Remain Free for All -- Even "Zoosiers"

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Even if you're from -- omigod! -- Jefferson County, they'll still let you in. For free.
Mayor Slay just Tweeted earlier this afternoon that the Saint Louis Zoo will remain free for all visitors. "A gift from city and county taxpayers," he writes.

Last week the Missouri Senate had voted to endorse a bill that would have allowed the four institutions in Forest Park -- the zoo, the Saint Louis Art Museum, the Missouri History Museum and the Saint Louis Science Center -- to charge admission for visitors who did not live in the city or county.

But Kara Bowlin, the mayor's press secretary, says that even if the bill does pass in the state senate, the zoo will not exercise the option to charge admission fees.

State Senator Joan Bray, who represents University City, had introduced the measure as an option for the zoo and museums to get more revenue. State law currently mandates that the zoo and museums be free for all because they receive tax support from the city and county. The Missouri Botanical Garden, however, already charges admission.

So much for fears that the zoo would be losing one of its most entertaining attraction: the "zoosiers."

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