St. Louis: Sixth Drunkest City

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Books have been written about our love affair with booze, and all we get is a lousy No. 6 ranking?
Next month Men's Health will come out with its listing of the "100 Drunkest Cities in America."

As of right now, the magazine's website has yet to publish the findings, but USA Today has the scoop.

Frankly, Daily RFT is a little disappointed with the results. St. Louis comes in a measly No. 6.

Have the authors of this study ever been to a Blues game, next weekend's Mardi Gras Parade or any one of our smoky dens of sin?

The answer? Not likely.

The poll based its results on the following purported harbingers of drunkenness, all of which can tracked down from the comfort of one's desk:
  • death rates from alcoholic liver disease
  • auto accidents involving alcohol
  • frequency of binge-drinking in the past month
  • number of DUI arrests
  • severity of DUI penalties
In other words, the data precluded Men's Health from ever having to get gutter-drunk with the locals in St. Louis. That said, we'll keep considering ourselves No. 1.

Here's the top ten drunkest cities per Men's Health
  1. Fresno, Calif.
  2.  Reno, Nev.
  3.  Billings, Mont. 
  4.  Riverside, Calif.
  5.  Austin 
  6.  St. Louis
  7.  San Antonio 
  8.  Lubbock, Texas
  9.  Tucson
  10.  Bakersfield, Calif.
And the magazine's surprising list of "least drunk" cities from most :

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