Tonight: Golden Gloves Boxing Finals at Heart of St. Charles Banquet Center

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Come to St. Charles tonight to see somebody get knocked the %$@! out.
The turnout last month for the opening rounds of St. Louis' Golden Gloves amateur boxing tournament was phenomenal.

After just the third bout of Friday's 27-fight card, ticket takers at the South Broadway Athletic Club announced that the crowd was standing room only.

Between that and the lengthy beer line, it seemed like a very successful night for the struggling St. Louis institution.

The matches tonight to crown the local champions will be held at the Heart of St. Charles Banquet Center but there's still good reason to attend (beyond, of course, the entertainment provided by hard-nosed teenagers beating the crap out of each other.)

Once in the not-so-distant past, St. Louis had the reputation of being one of the best boxing cities in the country, producing national, Olympic, and professional champions. Gradually, however, the culture has shifted toward Mixed Martial Arts. A quick look at the schedule for tonight's event shows that roughly half of the kids hail from gyms that train MMA.

While some of these young fighters are indeed "pure" boxers, the majority are cross-training to improve their punching ability for MMA.

Nevertheless, if you're a supporter of St. Louis boxing, there's no excuse for not making your way to St. Charles tonight (Friday)  to see the fights. Support the young talent and help keep a tradition alive.

The bell for the first bout is set to ring at 7:30 p.m. Click here for more details, directions and a complete schedule with names, weights, and gyms.

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